Buying a Glowforge Basic?

If you are like me, you have watched every Glowforge comparison video. I spent time comparing each of the three models by features and price. You have decided to buy one and you want to start with the Glowforge Basic… Wait!

What you haven’t seen is the true cost based on price + shipping – discounts!

If you added a Glowforge Basic to your cart today, here’s the true cost.

If you added a Glowforge Plus to your cart, here’s the true cost.

The Glowforge website pricing lists the Basic at $2,995 and the Plus at $3,995. Once you add each to the cart and use a promo code, the difference is only $500 instead of $1,000!

When I was doing the research, I didn’t even consider the Glowforge Plus. However after determining the cost difference was only $500 it was the printer I ultimately purchased. Doubling the warranty and the print speed compared to the Basic made it well worth it.

You can only get this pricing by using a promo code. When you click this link you will automatically get the discount, enjoy!

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