T-Loc Precision Rocket Build Log

Latest build is my first kit from LOC Precision Rocketry, the T-Loc.

The T-Loc is a 3 fin mid powered rocket. It is a pretty straightforward build with really unique outside stabilizers. Here is a list of the upgrades included with this kit.

  • Laser Cut Plywood Fins
  • Laser Cut Plywood Centering Fins
  • Laser Cut Slotted Body Tube
  • 18″ Nylon Parachute
  • Kevlar Shock Cord
  • Starter Fire Blanket

Considering the company name had “Precision” in the title, I was ready for a high quality kit. Here’s where I found a few misses.

  • The plywood fins were not completely cut. I like plywood fins but it’s not as easy to trim as balsa wood.
  • The nose cone was pretty rough. I never encountered a nose cone that I had to fill with putty. Normally once the two halves of the nose cone are assembled, there’s a ridge you can simply sand down.
  • The body tube was heavy duty, but the outer layer felt like it could have been peeled off. After I removed my painters tape, that’s exactly what happened! Never encountered that issue before or since.
  • My instructions mentioned a choice of either launch lugs or buttons. There weren’t any launch buttons included in my kit so I 3D printed my own launch rail lugs.
  • I also added a molded 29mm engine retainer from Estes Rockets.
  • Lastly, even though additional decals were pictured, they were not all included.

The finished rocket is pretty unique. With the small fins and outside stabilizers it should fly fast and straight.

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