Estes Mars Longship Build Log

This rocket kit is the best value from Estes I’ve found yet!

The Mars Longship from Estes is a really fun build. It has many detailed parts and I would compare it to building a plastic model. Combining detailed molded plastic pieces with traditional balsa rocket building materials is a really good approach that I hope Estes continues to explore for future kits!

There are a lot of positives about this kit.

  • Custom Nose Cone
  • Molded Plastic Parts
  • Futuristic Design
  • Detailed Waterslide Decals

This is an “advanced” kit primarily due to aligning the fin and rings. There is a printed guide included with the printed instructions. I think a separate cardboard fin guide would be a nice addition.

For the first time ever, I weathered my rocket to help bring out all of the detail. I think it came out great and this is one of the top kits I could recommend to someone with model building experience.

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